The Toolbox Series provides specialized workshops for creative artists and residencies for choreographers to enliven their personal practice and expand their professional market. We uniquely craft each TBX session for artists and participants and each culminates with a community event to further our mission as artist/citizens. Sponsored by Austin Creative Alliance.


Photos © SWNG Productions


Addison Holmes
Alex Masi

Alighta Albright
Amy Cain

Amy Morrow
Andrew Willard

Anna Ingram
Austin Creative Alliance
Balance Dance Studios

Becky Nam

Belinda Rose Secular

Billie Morrow
Brad Gray

Caitlin Self
Charles Anderson
Cheles Rhynes

Connor Timpe
City of Austin Cultural Arts Division

David Chao
David Phillips

David Armstrong

Diane Morrow

Dorothy O'Shea Overbey


Elizabeth Hartzell

Erin Marie Fulton

Frankie Lee Peterson III
Gary Halm

Hannah Bacon-Brightwell

Hunter Sturgis

Idan Sharabi

Isaac Iskra
Jeannette Gray
Jesse Moore Perrin
Jessica Maria MacFarlane

Jim and Wanda Burgess
Kathy Dupoy

Kanami Nakabayashi

Kaysie Seitz Brown
Kelsey Oliver
Kristin Renee Nicolaisen

Kylie Phillips

LB flett

Lisa Marie Spradley

Lizette Marie Chapa

Lizzy Tan

Lois Devoix


Mackenzie Lawrence

Manuel Vignoulle

Martin Perez

Michael Kawazoe

Morgan Mackay Teel

Morganne Mazeika

Oluwaseun Samuel Olayiwola

Paula McGee Pope

Rachel Meador
Rattletree School of Marimba

SWNG Productions
Sara Marie Tzaperas
Steve Morrow
Sunny Shen

Thavone Bertaud
The General Consulate of Israel Southeast
The General Consulate of Israel Southwest
Tina Curran

Torie Gatlin

Twain Morrow
Veronica DeWitt
Wendy Rucci

Yelena Laningham