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Elizabeth Hartzell

is a painter, illustrator, and dancer based in Austin, TX. Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, Elizabeth studied both studio art and dance at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Her style of painting originated in college when studying the impressionist Mary Cassatte.  Continuing to push further into abstraction, she found her figures floating in colorful worlds that stir the imagination. During her last years of college, she focused primarily on dancing but when her husband and father were not able to work due to illness, she started a fundraiser to help her family get by.  In exchange for donations, she offered drawings and paintings. Painting and drawing became a part of her everyday routine, as well as, a type of therapy to cope with her situation. Elizabeth’s style transformed by drawing inspiration from her commissions, long walks in nature, dance, and meditation. She’s greatly inspired by the colors of sunsets, wildflowers, and moonlight.

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