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May 11, 2020

10:30am Viewing

11am Graveside Service

Mount Olivet Cemetery & Livestreamed on Facebook.


The Morrow family proudly shares Twain's Memoir. Please click below to view.

Theorist Fest 2018
The Theorists
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Together We Have...
Elizabeth Hartzell Art
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ATX Remix
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The Lady Of
Gaga Dancers
Giving Tuesday
Photo © Rino Pizi
TBX plastic poster_edited
Gaga in Austin
Being a Pig with Deborah Hay
Theorist Fest
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AM Arts is a non-profit production company based in Austin dedicated to the development of international performing arts projects.

Our mission is to advance the hybridization of multi-disciplinary art forms by inspiring people of all social backgrounds, ages and abilities with professional workshops and performances that connect us more deeply to ourselves, each other, and our environment.

We strive to be a resource to artists in each phase of the creative process from professional development, to public relations, touring, and community engagement.



Designed to rigorously experiment with research methods, AM Arts hosts Toolbox Laboratories to practice groundbreaking movement methodologies in discourse with science and technology.

Empowered by her mentors, Ohad Naharin, Deborah Hay, and Jason Akira Somma, founder and artistic director Amy Morrow fosters a space for artist/citizens and audiences to ask “what if” and push their limits on a daily basis.